Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Have you seen the Scottish Mona Lisa?

I have just been up to the capital for a really good course for my day job in  Charity, but not wanting to waste an opportunity I ran over to the Tate last night before close to get a vitally need shot of culture, and this is where we met.
May I introduce you to Margaret, the Duchess of Argyll.

 She was just 19 when she sat for Gerald Leslie Brockhurst. Both the artist and Margaret where 'on the up' in their worlds when this was painted. Margaret was very proud of her Scottish roots and this is clearly on show in her scenic back drop. 

Margaret and I meet in the corner of a large room in the Tate, with an array of intense things on show including the harrowing 'TV Interupptions' an installation by David Hall (check it out its great AND unsettling) but their was Margaret unaffected and all blissed out in the corner! The pull of this picture needs to be seen to be felt, (I'm certain the above JPEG wont have the same mojo)

 My wife and her mother are currently enjoying the Highlands on holiday, so this ones for you - 
the lovely Margaret of Argyll. 

Podcast #3 Butch Walker

Butch Walker

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Nashville Tuning

Discovery of a new thing... Nashville tuning. My songwriter partner Charlie Bateson came across this and here I am playing his guitar with the Nashville tuning. The guitar is still tuned to standard but the bottom  four strings are with a lighter gauge and tuned an octave up. The effect is like a twelve string but without the flab. It narrows the sonic spectrum, playing solo would be a bit limited but alongside another guitar in regular tuning it sounds great, like a big Mandolin!

We have already worked this tuning into a new song 'Soul of a new machine';

"...lights go down, smoke goes up, the moment to flee has run away..."

Pinch punch the first of the month, have a good week. x