Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Nepal: Never Ending Peace And Love

Blair and Polly Chadwick in Nepal

I visited Nepal for the first time with my Wife, then fiancee, last spring. We fell in love with each other and the country, actually planning our wedding whilst trekking in the Annapurna Range.

What was so striking to me (and this I know is not an original thought) is how people with so little could be so happy. They didn't seem to bogged down with the unnecessary and I rarely heard anyone shout or even talk very loud! We were made to feel so welcome and it made both of us re-evaluate are 'wanting' lives.

Monk on his bike in Lumbini

We visited the birth place of Buddha in Lumbini and this is where took the picture above of a monk on his motorbike. Spirituality there, and around the country, is completely entwined with the everyday its hard to see where it starts or stops, because it doesn't. It is the same.

The earthquake that shock the country at the weekend was over in minutes but its effects will be felt for years to come.

My wife and I cant shake this peaceful place being in such turmoil right now. Since we came back last year we have started regularly meditating and I personally feel a better, more positive person having gone there and let the wonderful country and its people into my heart. 

We have donated to the crisis appeal, can you?

Please donate whatever you can; a cost of a night out, a weeks worth of cigerattes or the price of your car failing its MOT, whatever you can give please give. 

If you haven't been there please take it from us these beautiful people and their beautiful country need your money and there is no where more deserving. 

If just one person reading this gives, it was worth me writing this. But I hope many of you can.

Thank you

Blair and Polly Chadwick

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Gig Review - Scott H Biram

Kings Arms Bristol - Monday 13th April

A couple of years ago I was in desperate search of the 'New Sound' - Richard Warren had found that sound I had in my head and was playing it through a 60's Jazz Master into a 'heavy as hell' Fender Twin. He opened the show last night and before a mixed crowd of rocker/diesel billies and others, he coaxed some truly intriguing noir tones out of his kit. An obvious talent he was also a lovely fella, check out his video here to hear the magic sound.

Scott H Biram came on without a big entrance (just a small stumble from the bar) and lifted the flippin rough off! Playing a wicked array of old Gibson and Martin acoustics, and even a pointy explorer at times, he battered the hell out of his kick pedal that was at times four to the four and at others stuttered with excitement like a drugged up heart doing somersaults! Songs were played with a true overtop outlaw swagger that only a southern man could have pulled off. Highlights for me would be the fantastic Muddy Waters track that seamlessly went into 'Jack of Diamonds' and my all time favourite 'Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue'. Scott is a natural story teller whose eyes flip into his head when he really gets in the moment when he is rocking out. I implore you to see him and buy all his stuff, I purchased 'Something's Wrong/Lost forever' and here's the picture with Scott to prove it....

Scott H Biram and Blair Chadwick