Sunday, 11 September 2016

Ryan Adams: "Gimme Something Good" (acoustic) Newport Folk Festival 2016

As funny as he is talented. Got to love him. Turns his hand to a style and 'ryans' it up. Legend in his own time.

NICKI BLUHM & THE GRAMBLERS - "Little Too Late" (Live from Joshua Tree, ...

This made Nicki Bluhm go viral but her talentt has kept her on top. This is such a grooving band would love to see them live.

You can not help but sink into this groove. Awesome.

What do you think?

VDub Sessions // Aaron Lee Tasjan and Bonnie Whitmore play "Lucinda's Ro...

Wow! How can two people sound so good in a van. wonderful.

BP Fallon talking about Bowie

This fella BP Hallon is incredibly articulate and really gets the Bowie essence. Mr Fallon can be seen playing with Aaron Lee Tasjan and just hanging out with the cool kids. What do you think?

Be the first to hear Steepways debut here

Be the first to hear the debut album 'Holy Smoke' by Steepways

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

John Paul White - Simple Song video and a "why it went wrong" article from Joy ....

The amazing John Paul White. 'Simple song' is taken from his cracking new solo album 'Beulah' entering into the Official Americana Album Uk charts at number 5. It SHOULD be a climber. 

John was one half of 'The Civil Wars'. A very talented and successful duo of Joy Williams and John (they won an armful of Grammys'). Interestingly the duo was often misjudged as a romantic couple but was in fact managed by Joy's husband Nate Yetton. A lot of people were very upset when the musical partnership split up,  You can read a very candid account of what went wrong here on 'The Boot' by Joy [read here]

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Jesus Was A Cross Maker (In Session with Bob Harris Recorded 5th April 1...

The forgetten Joni Mitchell? What a gem Judee Sill is. An incredibley sad life. blighted by neglect, drugs and jesus! She has one of 'those' voices, a voice that cuts through to your soul. I found from an Aaron Lee Tasjan song "Judee was a punk jesus freak" - what a story and what a sound. The world is richer for having her walk and sing on it, even if only briefly.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Lou Reed - Street Hassle (complete music video)

The beautiful darkness of Lou Reed. This music "Street Hassle" is taken from an 1970's opera of sorts Lou made about the real stories of New York street life. 
Lou Reed defiantly lived what he sang, like Caravaggio lived what he painted and yes I would put those two greats in the same breath. Both irresistibly noir, making art from the source not looking at it impartially. 
Tooth Puller - Caravaggio (image courtesy of

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Billy Bragg & Joe Henry – The Midnight Special

This is such a cool way to record an album! 

I bet Billy Bragg gathered lots of stories from the workers of the railroad that will come out in future releases. The two really compliment each other. Well shot vid as well.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Have you heard this version of The Game of Thrones music?

Glad to have been at The Glad.

Steepways - The Usual Suspects

Here we are all lined up and looking criminal outside the Gladstone on Saturday, just before we played what is more than likely to be the last time there. The word is the place is being sold and turned into flats, no more sweaty boozy nights filled with country and blues - the world has become a tiny bit of a sadder place. 

The good news is the spirit is carrying on, speaking with Danny (Mr Gladstone) he has plans to keep the flag flying for the Gladstone under the banner "Super Glad" - this will be top live music around London with the same vibe but not the same venue - watch this space - we cant wait to play one of these new nights. 

The gig was great, Franc Cinelli supported in his trio with really tight three part harmonies. It was our first gig with Mike Cotton on drums (far right in picture). Mike is the man; mid twenties, semi pro ice hockey player from Canada, he is a tasty drummer and a funny bloke on top. He is currently living in Guildford and will be touring with rocks legend "Castle" over October. We are super stoked to be playing with Mike and look forward to more gigs with him in the future. 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Dave Stewart Entertainments - Church Keys Tour - Lake Poets, Fraser Anderson and Steepways - Friday 29th July 2015

On Friday 29th July St Lawrence, Evesham resonated with the sounds of the future.

The concert was organised by Dave Stewart Entertainment & The Churches Conservation Trust (who look after the stunning church and 349 other ones around the country). It was part of nationwide series of concerts in churches called the "Church Keys" tour.

These concerts have seen Chris Difford from Squeeze, Nick Kershaw and even Dave Stewart himself play!

I kicked off the bill on Friday with songs from my new upcoming album with Steepways. It was delightfully strange to strip the rockier songs back and play them just with an acoustic guitar in a holy space, rather than blasting them out with my five piece band in a sweaty London bar!

Next was Fraser Anderson, fresh from playing on the same bill as Kula Shaker, this jet setter had a great guitar style with lots of dynamic interplay - he even used a sponge under his guitar strings at one point to get an unusual soft muted sound.

Completing the night was the talented Marty from The Lake Poets. This man has the voice! Something special about the way he sings that reverberated wonderfully in the dramatic surroundings.

Fraser has lots of interesting gigs coming up including a Spanish double headliner with Pete Doherty, Marty is playing some great festivals including Under the Apple Tree Festival in September and my next gig is with the full band in a sweaty London bar - The Gladstone! Saturday 13th August.
For you that don't know the Gladstone has been sold and this will be the last time we play this beautiful place. I first played there in 2006 promoting my debut album 'Don't look up' with Tom Corneill who was promoting his debut 'I asked an Angel'.
I have played there a dozen or so times since and will be genuinely sad to see it close. The place always looks busy when I have been but the landlord has decided to sell, this is very sad for the scene and will be missed by many.

On a lighter note did you know that Dave Stewart co-wrote the Shakespeares Sister hit single "Stay" under the pseudonym "Jean Guiot"?

PS Big Thanks to Tim from Even Lode Productions who did a fantastic job not only with the sound on the night but the lights as you can see.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Thought of the day - "Speed"

Everything is so quick from our broadband to our food to our travel (normally)

We can access so much so quickly that I think it loses it's value, we don't give things the attention they deserve.

SO I made a decision. A consumer, first world decision - I decided to buy a record player over a wireless speaker for my computer. This means I will not be dialling up whatever I think of and give it a quick once over never to repeat - I will instead by thinking about what I buy and then I will give the records the time they deserve. I will not skip tracks, I will slow my heart rate to be perfectly in sync with the records rotation, well maybe not but you get the idea.

My first record to sit against the half dozen I already have - Waylon Jennings - Singer of Sad Songs.

Waylon Jennings - Singer of sad songs

In a week or two I will be going to get another record and to quote a great song I heard " The Band strikes up at 11:01 and the music starts to play"

Take it slow people and take it in.