Wednesday 12 December 2012

Christmas Review

Without doubt 2012 has been the best year of my life to date.

Took charge of what I wanted and took the plunge moving to London, to sleep in a kitchen temporarily (still there 8 months on!) and play the bars, find the people and fill my head with wonder! Thats what Ive done.

I found my 12 month plan (laminated and stuck on a speaker). The plan ended with "December 2012 - Industry Interest", well I don't know if they are interested in me yet, but I'm still writing, gigging, meeting great people and enjoying it so I am still interested in them.

I have a new job within Aquaterra now as a community fundraiser for the Charity. Last Saturday was my the first event, I organised a music concert to raise money for children with learning disabilities and Autism. I sold out the Camden Head raising over £500 for Charity with awesome acts Kainee Boi Set, The Solace, The Nearly Man, Dr Napalm and his Infernal Ukulele and as I organised the event I even put myself on. The Camden Head was one of the first places I played when I came to London and also one of two places I played with Dexter Strangeways, so I seem to have some weird pull to the place.

Been a really great year; hard but beautiful. Meet some very special people and others that are not even worth mentioning so as someone said "Focus on the shards of Light"

Next gig Upstairs at the Brixton Ritzy 20th December here's the link....

Brixton - The Ritzy - December 20th

Merry Christmas to Y'All, looking forward to a rocking 2013!

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