Tuesday 15 January 2013

Berlin Baby

I saw 2013 in dressed in Vintage attire at the grand Winter Gardens, Berlin courtesy of Bauheme Sauvage accompanied by the truly beautiful Ms Pol.
Played a few gigs already this year; in Portabella Market; when a train made a surprise visit half way through my first song and at Bar Solo at Camden; meeting a man with a Harmonica used by the Small Faces, who couldn’t stop playing it, even when it wasn’t his set!
I am looking to widen my eyes to everything this year, including my outlook on music. Unlike children we accept too much of what we see.  We must take over 99% for granted, maybe it’s time to regress?
Currently on the collaborator hunt, awaiting a call from a lap steel player, emailed a few acts looking for alt-country people and rehearsing with a lady with a sweet voice tonight.
Trying things, new things, if it don’t feel right Im off! You never know unless you try, eh?
Looking to make more videos, write more songs, and generally be lovelier to the World at large.
Next gig in Angel this Saturday
Zenith Bar Saturday 19th Jan 2013

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