Thursday 14 March 2013

For once it's not all "Me, Me, Me!"...

Im still having a blast in the capital. Writing alt country songs with Charlie Batesman in ‘The AAA Revue’ and deconstructing 1980’s classic pop songs down to a sinister hush with Emma Bowles in ‘2:38’.

Upcoming London Shows

appearing as 'The AAA Revue
Thursday 11th April              Upstairs at the Ritzy, Brixton
Tuesday 16th April                Bar Solo, Camden
Friday 7th June                      Docking Station, Brentford
appearing as '2.38
Monday 8th April                  Camden Rock, Camden
Sunday 21st April                  The Rattle Snake, Angel
Tuesday 7th May                   Velo, Spitalfields
Now less about me… I dedicate this blog to three great people I know who make great music. (Click on the bits in blue for further information)

James ‘Jaz’ Lambeth

US born, Bath Based ‘multi-talented and all round nice man Jaz, currently plays in The Refusal and The Edsel Furys Here is the video to ‘Tiny Star’ from another one of his other bands Ottre Pop. They are stateside so he rocks out with them whenever he heads home.

Bernadette Bentley

Evolving and keeping a brand of folk alive (so new there is not even a name for it yet). Bernadette is a great observer of life and also part of a artist collective that put on very friendly, eccletic, eccentric nights called The Wallscratcher Club. Having attended I can tell you it’s a night where the Audience listen, get yourself to the next one
Lunar Engine

Fronted by the enigmatic Buck Theorem, Lunar Engine fuse (among other things) flamenco, electro and great lyrics. Buck also does a host of other exciting things so have a cyber delve!

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