Tuesday 12 July 2016

Thought of the day - "Speed"

Everything is so quick from our broadband to our food to our travel (normally)

We can access so much so quickly that I think it loses it's value, we don't give things the attention they deserve.

SO I made a decision. A consumer, first world decision - I decided to buy a record player over a wireless speaker for my computer. This means I will not be dialling up whatever I think of and give it a quick once over never to repeat - I will instead by thinking about what I buy and then I will give the records the time they deserve. I will not skip tracks, I will slow my heart rate to be perfectly in sync with the records rotation, well maybe not but you get the idea.

My first record to sit against the half dozen I already have - Waylon Jennings - Singer of Sad Songs.

Waylon Jennings - Singer of sad songs

In a week or two I will be going to get another record and to quote a great song I heard " The Band strikes up at 11:01 and the music starts to play"

Take it slow people and take it in.

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