Wednesday 14 March 2012

Classic Fm saved me from Madness!

Got the London Job! Starting Monday 2nd April, leaving Bath after ten years of service on the last Friday of March! Been really enjoying spending time with all my mint mates and have been playing more nights for Bristol's own Mark Venus. Played Marlow’s bar for the second time and meet Fergusson Elliot, who blew me a away play playing irish folky songs on a greek bouzouki with a loop station! Has to be seen to be believed, a very slick performer. 
I got a review from the online magazine the Note when I played the Urban Wood last week. It was a good night and Brian Ingliss took a good picture of me in full fury! Heres the review
Im playing the Pilgrim Inn this Thursday and the Cross hands on Sunday. Written a new song, too early to tell if its any good at the moment but i’m thinking of debuting it live this week, its called “Cry into me”.
I thought sleeping on a friends sofa for the last month would have stressed me out but it hasn’t. There is a secret though....Classic Fm. With headphones on loud, I can sleep through drunks, babies crying and scaffolders. Try it.
Im having my farewell to Bath leaving Party on Thursday 29th, starting in Lambretta’s bar at 6pm and ending in Moles (probably) where it all started! Everyone is invited.
Maximum love to all

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