Monday 7 May 2012


Its been a while since I’ve last blogged this have been partly due to my huge life change. Im now living in london with Pystol Pete in the heart of Covent Garden.
Since being here for about a month I’ve played two open mics in Camden, one in Leicester Square and had a half an hour set in Chelsea. My friend Slim recorded four of my songs at his Studio, that are now uploaded to my sound-cloud
I’ve meet Dave Elvis and the Cosmic Troubadour on the open mic circuit, felt lonely walking round leicester square (while pete was away in singapore on “business”) only to be cheered immensely just by walking past Gary Numan, saw Justin Lee Collins drinking down the end of the road in a wine bar, and got backstage for New order at Brixton Academy, who were brilliant even without Cookey. 
Funding all this is the internal transfer I got to head offices, where i have my own desk, free coffee, a window! and bank holidays!!!! 
As I expected London is full on with loads of very busy people being cutting and quick but also in this dirt there are gems and I’ve already meet some really cool people.
It’s intense, expensive and never stops but its also endless, fascinating and stepped in history and history being made all the time at a fast pace.
Much love on this rainy bank holiday monday , (and i’m not writing this from work).


  1. sounds great..dead pleased for you!! Free Coffee not fair...

    1. Its not great coffee, but its the added flavour knowing that you didnt pay for it that i like. You still running like a nutter?

  2. Free coffee!!! No body gets free coffee any more do they?

    1. honest to god free coffee, sugar is an issue though...