Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Right, it nows all under one name, my own.
This years either going to be the end of the world (north korean's fat son pressing a button he wasnt supposed to) or a good year of music for me. My glasses are in focus, my guitar in tune, and im ready to roll.
I'm finishing my four track ep at Scott Fitzgerald fancy home studio. Its going to be a sparse, poignant marriage of acoustic songs and restrained elctronic (hopefully). Im still building on getting more paid 'cover song' gigs and doing a few open mics to get me going again, the next one is going to be at Mr Wolf's noodle Bar in Bristol, this Tuesday (3/1/2012). I've also started a new sound cloud-and uploaded another version of 'Into the Stream' on to it.
Big fat new year love to all
Blair x 

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