Saturday 7 January 2012

New Year Hi-Resolution

Very busy at work, as you can imagine all the people in the true spirit of their saviour’s birthday have committed the cardinal sin of gluttony and now need to repent by joining a gym and coasting on a cross trainer to early march (then cancel their gym membership for another year)

This week I have been listening non stop to Brahm’s 2nd Symphony in the car traveling to and from work. Its a bit dangerous as the ending is so powerful, (when it eventually comes after at least three deceptive cadences) it makes me close my eyes! Only briefly so please don’t panic and report me to the DVLA.

My you-tube exploration of ‘electro’ has included Boards of Canada, Rӧyksopp, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Plaid, Venetian Snares and The Knife. The pieces of electronica that moved me most this week were Squarepusher- iambic 9 poetry, Plaid - New Family, and Boards of Canada - Julie and Candy. Always in the back of my mind is a hope that some process of listening to brilliance will diffuse into me but I know its mainly sweat with a bit of vision,(for most mortals anyway), that is going to result any decent work. If anybody has any pointers to an other great music please comment.

Started trying to read up on synths again and tinkering on logic with with a new track called ‘Cracks’. Printed the user manual for the Yamaha's 80-v (thank you to the work printer), and been dipping into ‘How to make a Noise’ by Simon Cann. Feels like im stumbling in the dark most of the time but im having go. Meeting with my mate Scott Fitzgerald on Monday to work on the 4 track ep for Spring.

Love to all

blair x

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