Friday 13 January 2012

Midweek Maracas

Monday I had day off from the mad world of selling gym memberships and spent it round Scott’s studio. I expected nothing and got something. We recorded a guide piano and vocal for ‘The Dunes’, and rewrote the middle 8. Scott was not happy with his piano part but I bullied him into laying it down as it is in the right ball park and it means I can develop ideas for it in my humble home studio, and we will record all the parts again anyway.

Had my first live outing of 2012 at an open mic in Bath. The compere was playing when I entered the bar, he was in his late 40’s with a ruddy complexion, tracksuit bottoms (no socks), and an ear ring. He stopped singing the song (he was half way through), carried on looping the chords on his guitar, and started to talk (/shout) over to me...

“Good evening, looks like with have another musician in the house!” (I was carrying my guitar)

“unless that’s a sub machine gun!” ( It looked like a guitar )

I nodded his way and turned to the bar to order a ….

“ SO! going to come up here and play us some songs?” (I nodded, feeling eyes on me from all around from the bar), I nodded again, there was a long pause then I was about to say...

“Great we are all looking forward to hearing them....HEY MR TAMBOURINE MAN!”....and he was seamlessly back in.

Cruise ships were built for this man.

Two mates came from work, one is actually an x work colleague and lives in Japan, I was very impressed with his effort. I played three of my own songs and had a fairly nice time, especially when the compere jumped on stage and started rockin’ his maracas, (not a euphemism)

My tickets arrived for Roots Manuva at the roundhouse. Really looking forward to a London trip, hopefully also going to see some live jazz and achieve a hangover.

Much Love


  1. I normally try to go to a local songwriters open night where it is all original material - I missed it this week due to other commitments.

    1. Hello Graham, sorry i have not said hello before you commented on my old blog and i only came across it when i closed it to start this one.You gigging and writing alot at the moment?

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  3. i'll bring the Roots Manuva C.D's in next week.Big Tings Gwidarn..

    1. that would be rad mate, have a 'super fly' weekend, expect it will involve a casual a marathon? cheers