Sunday 22 January 2012


Monday 16th was the most depressing day of the year, statistically. The radio kept banging on about it in every bulletin so by the end if you wasn't feeling at an all time low you weren’t normal. I was a bit gnarly but no more than usual, I think...

I then attempted to play an open mic with a cold...

In spite of not being in the mood for winning over strangers in a big city I left for Bristol straight from working a 8 hour shift at the leisure centre of dreams stopping for petrol at the nearest garage, breaking into my last tenner.
Sticking to a long tradition of mine I got mildly lost and ended up parking where I had to pay. I now broke into my last fiver at a kebab shop, buying a can of coke (i didn't want) for change. I then promptly over paid the parking meter.
Walking to the venue in the persistent rain, i heard half a dozen police sirens, saw a super sized family about to have a fight, and tripped over the kerb.
Getting into the venue I used my last shrapnel to buy a half of lager and surveyed the lack of activity. The bar lady informed me the sound man and the host were always late.
After waiting half an hour, sending nonsense texts to friends to look busy, I threw in the towel and drove home, and I'm sure a speed camera went off.

I worked on ‘The Dunes’ session from last week at home. It ending up getting a bit too “urban” somehow. I bounced a track with a few ideas to Scott and we a had another session on it at his studio this week. Scott played in an interesting rhythm on his V drums, and we laid down a real bass take. Hopefully the song will eventually reveal itself to us to what it wants to be.
Decided to to have a go at making a video of one of my new songs ‘Sad Stories‘ at home. I filmed myself playing it acoustically in the shed. I got the colours right and got a good sound from my mic but unfortunately, (as pointed out by my girlfriend), I got a bit too into it and looked mental. So no link supplied. I will have another go in the future.

Been offered a 30 minute slot at the Curfew Pub in Bath from Mark Venus on Wednesday 1st February, so if your about people it would be lovely to see you.

Statistically next week will be a better week.


  1. crap . . . i was looking forward to hearing about how your O Mike went . . . .this is kinda 'laughter amid the tears' stuff - which is what all good self-deprecating blogs should be like. so good stuff Blair. keep it up. . . :o)

  2. thanks for reading slim, things can only get better. You well? what you been up to in this new year? blair